Lander Lab Members


Keenan Hom

Undergraduate Intern, UCSD

(858) 784-9086


Zeba Rizvi

Postdoc, Amgen Fellow

Education & Training
BS, Patna Women's College, Patna, India
MS, Central University of South Bihar, Patna, India
PhD, CSIR-Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India

(858) 784-8728
orcid logo 0000-0002-3510-4454
twitter logo @Zebra_Cullin
linkedin logo zeba-rizvi-phd-429291119


Wenqian (Kelly) Chen

Graduate Student, NSF Predoctoral Fellow

Education & Training
BA, UC Berkeley

(858) 784-8728
linkedin logo wenqian-chen


Alexandra Salazar

Graduate Student, NSF Predoctoral Fellow

Education & Training
BS, San José State Univ

(858) 784-9086
orcid logo 0000-0002-6428-9398
twitter logo @alexxsaladbar
linkedin logo alexandra-salazar-b833221aa


Mason Klawitter

Undergraduate Intern, UCSD

(858) 784-9086


Maria Rafiq

Postdoc, Hewitt Fellow

Education & Training
M.Phil, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan
PhD, University of Copenhagen

(858) 784-9086
orcid logo 0000-0001-9118-0788
linkedin logo maria-rafiq


Kevin Li

Undergraduate Intern, UCSD

(858) 784-9086


Cecilia Aban

Undergraduate Intern, UCSD

(858) 784-9086


Lauren Alexandrescu

Skaggs-Oxford Graduate Student
Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Fellow (NIH F31)

Education & Training
BS, Univ of Connecticut

(858) 784-9499
orcid logo 0000-0003-0894-333X
twitter logo @lalexandrescu1
linkedin logo lauren-alexandrescu-b94923139


Anette Schneemann, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Education & Training
BS, Chemistry, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany
PhD, University of Wisconson-Madison
Postdoc, UC Irvine

(858) 784-8761
linkedin logo anette-schneemann-a5b691190


Jeff Mindrebo, Ph.D.

Postdoc, Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow (NIH F32)

Education & Training
BS, University of Houston
MS, UC San Diego
PhD, UC San Diego

(858) 784-8728
orcid logo 0000-0003-3063-0620
linkedin logo jeff-mindrebo-1894897a


Gabe Lander

Non-Essential Worker

Education & Training
BS, Biochemistry, Binghamton University
PhD, Biophysics, Scripps Research
Postdoc, Berkeley Lab / UC Berkeley

(858) 784-8793
orcid logo 0000-0003-4921-1135
twitter logo @LanderLab


Cristina Mora

Administrative Assistant

(858) 784-2122


Chris Zerio, Ph.D.

Postdoc, Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow (NIH F32)

Education & Training
BS, Univ of Puget Sound
PhD, University of Arizona

(858) 784-9499
orcid logo 0000-0003-4053-4835
twitter logo @chriszerio
linkedin logo christopher-zerio-557573b2


Jie Yang, Ph.D.


Education & Training
BS, College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, Hubei, China
PhD, Case Western Reserve University

(858) 784-9086
orcid logo 0000-0001-6662-4236
twitter logo @_JieYang
linkedin logo jie-yang-91a314a5

Lander Lab Alumni

They came, they conquered, they moved on to better things

Lisa Eshun-Wilson

Postdoc, 2020-2024
Subsequently: Scientist, Profluent Bio
orcid logo 0000-0001-6988-1457
twitter logo @lisaeshunwilson
linkedin logo lisa-eshun-wilson-745a983b

Daniel Pride

Research Technician, 2022-2023
Subsequently: UCSD PostBac
linkedin logo daniel-pride

Randy Watson, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2018-2022
Subsequently: Senior Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb
orcid logo 0000-0001-7756-4099
linkedin logo edmond-watson-917132238

Benjamin Basanta, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2020-2022
Subsequently: Scientist II, Arzeda
orcid logo 0000-0003-1118-5269
twitter logo @BenjaminBsnt
linkedin logo benjamin-basanta

Henry Scott

Intern, 2022
Subsequently: Graduate Student, UCSF
orcid logo 0000-0002-4462-8479
linkedin logo henry-scott-9bb2071b7

Garret Wang

Undergraduate Intern, UCSD, 2022
Subsequently: Postbac, NIH
linkedin logo garret-wang-48266b187

Albert Song, Ph.D.

MD/PhD Student, 2017-2022
Subsequently: A "REAL" Doctor
orcid logo 0000-0003-3176-6829
twitter logo @albertssong
linkedin logo albertsanghoonsong

Deirdre Costello, Ph.D.

Visiting Scientist, Eli Lilly & Co, 2019-2022
Subsequently: Principal Scientist, Treeline Biosciences
linkedin logo deirdre-costello-94464b47

Mia Shin, Ph.D.

Graduate Student, 2017-2021
Subsequently: Scientist, Sanofi
orcid logo 0000-0002-1607-5301
twitter logo @_miashin
linkedin logo mia-malone-phd-7a112156

Marscha Hirschi, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2017-2020
Subsequently: Senior Scientist, Pfizer
orcid logo 0000-0002-1813-1231
twitter logo @marschahirschi
linkedin logo marscha-hirschi-61403bb

Mengyu Wu, Ph.D.

Graduate Student, 2016-2020
Subsequently: Head of Electron Microscopy, IPD, Univ of Washington
orcid logo 0000-0002-2248-9383
twitter logo @Mengwooo
linkedin logo mengyu-wu-499aa81a6

Colby Sandate, Ph.D.

Graduate Student, 2015-2020
Subsequently: Postdoc, Thoma Lab, Friedrich Miescher Inst.
orcid logo 0000-0002-8758-5931
twitter logo @Sandate_C
linkedin logo colby-sandate-b25108b9

Cristina Puchades, Ph.D.

Graduate Student, 2014-2019
Subsequently: Postdoc, Cheng lab, UC San Francisco
orcid logo 0000-0003-3240-4176
twitter logo @PuchadesEM
linkedin logo cristina-puchades-24438b55

Andres Hernandez, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2016-2019
Subsequently: EM Specialist at Celgene Corporation
orcid logo 0000-0002-2368-6944
twitter logo @hnndlp
linkedin logo hnndlp

Mark Herzik, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2014-2019
Subsequently: Assistant Professor, UC San Diego
orcid logo 0000-0001-6653-6682
twitter logo @markherzik
linkedin logo mark-herzik-430a34a3

Danielle Grotjahn, Ph.D.

Graduate Student, 2013-2018
Subsequently: Fellow, Scripps Research
orcid logo 0000-0001-5908-7882
twitter logo @nani_grotjahn
linkedin logo danielle-grotjahn-778855149

Saikat Chowdhury, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2013-2018
Subsequently: Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University
orcid logo 0000-0001-8043-5028
twitter logo @saikatLab
linkedin logo saikat-chowdhury-208b3018

Yiru Xu

Undergraduate Intern, UCSD, 2017
Subsequently: Masters Student, Carnegie Mellon University
linkedin logo yiru-xu-962a627a

Fei Li, Ph.D.

Visiting Postdoc, 2015
Subsequently: Postdoc, Stroud Lab, UC San Francisco
orcid logo 0000-0003-0720-3129
linkedin logo fei-li-583b6619

Corey Dambacher, Ph.D.

Postdoc, 2013-2015
Subsequently: BioNext, LLC
linkedin logo corey-dambacher-92717663

Lyn'Al Nosaka

Research Assistant, 2013-2015
Subsequently: Synthetic Genomics Vaccines, Inc.
linkedin logo lyn-al-nosaka-61159764

Join our group

Graduate Students

Scripps labs do not directly accept students. All prospective students must apply to the graduate program. During the first year of the PhD program, Scripps students can rotate in 2-4 labs prior to deciding on a thesis lab. Our lab is usually open for rotation students every quarter and will generally have room for 1-2 new graduate students per year.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Inquiries about postdoctoral positions should be emailed directly to Gabe Lander. Our lab welcomes applicants of any race, religion, national origin, gender identity, caregiver and family commitments, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and eligible age or ability. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining a supportive and collaborative lab environment. Our lab doesn't usually post for specific positions, so we encourage exploratory inquiries!

All candidates will be encouraged to explore applying for extramural fellowships to support their research.