The Convergence Server

EMD-4040: Bovine respiratory Complex I

Reported resolution: 4.27 Å

Residue info (5866 total residues):
50.3% good convergence (Cα RMSD <= 1 Å)
43.8% questionable convergence (Cα RMSD 1-3 Å)
5.9% poor convergence (Cα RMSD > 3 Å)


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Disclaimer: Refinements and analyses are performed automatically, without user intervention. The results have not been individually assessed or inspected for accuracy. If you notice errors in a processed entry, let us know so that we can improve our pipeline.

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RMSD Histogram

Black bar denotes mean RMSD
All RMSD values greater than 4 are grouped together.

Per-residue RMSD

Chain A

Chain B

Chain C

Chain D

Chain E

Chain F

Chain G

Chain H

Chain I

Chain J

Chain K

Chain L

Chain M

Chain N

Chain O

Chain R

Chain S

Chain T

Chain U

Chain V

Chain W

Chain X

Chain Y

Chain Z

Chain a

Chain b

Chain c

Chain d

Chain e

Chain f

Chain g

Chain h

Chain i

Chain m

Chain n

Chain o

Chain p

Chain q

Average RMSD & Reported Resolution

Current entry shown as red dot
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